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fitnessform-cross-trainer-bikeIt’s a New Year, and you have probably made some New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape; or to simply get in shape. This can be difficult because most people do not see immediate results and give up very easily. However, if you can find something that will hold your interest and allow you to train yourself into being fit, then you will be able to keep to your New Year’s Resolution for longer than just a few months. When you can find something that you like and can do easily, then you will be more inclined to exercise. Consider this elliptical trainer as your possible answer.


First of all, this is a cross trainer, which means that you will get two machines in one. Whether you want to use and elliptical trainer or an exercise bike, this machine has both of those options, which allows you to vary your workout without having to own two different machines.

This cross trainer is a good way to start getting back into shape. There are multiple features that will appeal to a wide variety of people, such as the micro section tension control. This means that the tension control can be adjusted manually, and it comes in small sections to allow you to set the resistance to your preference. This is very good for many people because you can start out with very little tension and begin to add more tension as you get fit. Also, this exercise bike is good because it has many other adjustable features. The handlebars, for example, can be adjusted to your height so that you are guaranteed the perfect fit, no matter your height.

Another plus of this cross trainer is that it has a chain transmission system. This allows a smooth rotation with each step you take. When this machine is an elliptical trainer, you want to be able to train as well as you can, and this type of transmission system assures that you will always have a smooth step. The foot plates are another good thing about this cross trainer. To make your workout the best that it can be, you need to be able to hold your feet in place well enough that they won’t slip and slide. The design of this cross trainer allows you to have a good grip with your feet.

When you want a cross trainer, it is a good investment to make, because you can get so much more out of your workout if you have two machines in one, for the price of one.

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