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Category Archives: Cross Trainer

Best Buying Guide to Choose an All Body Workout Cross Trainer

Best Buying Guide to Choose an All Body Workout Cross Trainer If you are seriously concerned about your health and want to get into shape to put a full stop to all the harassment’s at the workplace and from among your friends, then you definitely need to enroll yourself in a gym. But if you […]

Why Choose Fitnessform Cross Trainer?

Cross Trainer is Gentle on Your Body The cross trainer also known as an elliptical trainer. It is one of the best cardio machines and can provide a workout session without putting strain on your joints and muscles. Cross training involves combining various muscle groups in your body, including your arms, lower body and shoulders. […]

How to choose the right cross trainer ?

Exercising every day is an essential part of staying healthy and fit. Without a doubt, study suggests that by exercising 10 minutes of activity on a daily basis can add three to four years to your lifestyles expectancy. While many people start to run as an affordable endeavour to start, those that have situations like […]

Exercise bike shopping guide

exercising on exercise bike

Why an Exercise Bike Health clubs may be costly, not to mention inconvenient.  You could really feel good about yourself for those who can train within the privacy of your own home. Your private schedule may preclude you from having sufficient time to join a gym or a health club. For those with joint issues […]

Are Cross Trainers Effective?

women on elliptical trainer

In order to stay in shape we need to try and always make sure that we exercise as often as possible. Chances are that, if you went to the gym recently, you already saw a cross trainer bike. This is basically a machine that successfully manages to implement the movements and benefits of a bike, […]

Pre-workout warm up exercise

fitnessform warmup workout

This warmup routine will allow the muscular tissues and tendons to start to loosen up in preparation for long exercise workouts. It’ll assist the physique come awake, progressively speeding up circulation, metabolic rate and heartbeat and it will aid you get probably the most out of your exercise routines as you don’t spend a lot of time […]

Why You Should Exercise with Cross-Trainer or Elliptical Exercise Machine

women exercising with resistance band

You’ve probably seen a fitness machine with two long handles on the top section. Some people name this machine as Elliptical Exercise Machine or Elliptical Bike. Some name it Cross-Trainer. So, what exactly are Elliptical Trainers or Cross-Trainer? It is an exercise equipment that mix the actions of the stair climber, treadmill, and the train bike into one. It […]

Are You Shopping For The Best Cross Trainer? Here’s How to Choose One

women using cross trainer

So you’ve (finally) resolved to tone those muscles by getting more exercises. Good for you. Just enrol in a gym, and voila! But if you’re intimidated by gym fees (or gyms in general), fret not as there are other good alternatives, like getting yourself an elliptical trainer (also known as a cross trainer). It’s a […]

Benefits of Fitnessform Cross Trainer

fitnessform cross trainer bike

It’s a New Year, and you have probably made some New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape; or to simply get in shape. This can be difficult because most people do not see immediate results and give up very easily. However, if you can find something that will hold your interest and allow you […]