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When purchasing a stationary exercise bike, you will need to consider the following:

• Is the seating position on the exercise bike adjustable
• Does it have a resistance level
• Can it moved easily
• Can it combine two machines in one?

Users may choose the common upright exercise bike or cross trainer bike. For resistance, exercise bikes use friction belts or wheels, magnets to intensify the fitness training. Most exercise bikes come with a large, well-padded saddle for extreme comfort for those long periods of intense cross training.

For users with lower back pain, mobility or balance concerns, a stationary exercise bike may be a safer, more comfortable option. Computer console, size and resistance level options will allow you to select the exercise bike to meet your desired goals. Remember, more expensive cross trainers or exercise bikes models don’t necessarily mean they are better fitness cross trainers or exercise bikes, they may just have additional features and hold brand value.
Cheaper models used frequently can give the necessary resistance to promote good health, stamina and keep you energised.


• Stability; Ensure it is sturdy
• Protected or covered flywheel
• Easy to manoeuvre around using built in wheels
• Ensure it meets All EU standards; Certification:CE(EN1176) IS09001-2008,ROHS Test,TUV

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