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cross-trainer-gym-workoutsSo you’ve (finally) resolved to tone those muscles by getting more exercises. Good for you. Just enrol in a gym, and voila! But if you’re intimidated by gym fees (or gyms in general), fret not as there are other good alternatives, like getting yourself an elliptical trainer (also known as a cross trainer). It’s a handy alternative since it provides an all-round workout with no gym fees, no queues and its available when it suits you. All you need is just to choose the right cross trainer.

There are many reasons why one would opt for a cross trainer instead of an exercise bike or a treadmill. One of them is that, cross trainers render smooth, flowing movements like a mix of slow running and cross-country skiing. Unlike treadmills and exercise bikes, elliptical trainers provide the advantage of exercising both the upper and lower body when using them. Then again, it’s the closest action you can get to running without breaking into a sweat as it’s easy.

How to Choose the Right Cross Trainer Bike

When shopping for a cross trainer bike, it is imperative to research for the best model that suits your needs and preferences. Look for models that work with your body and exercise style prior to making a purchase. In fact, try out several models in sports shops. There are plenty of cross trainers with different styles and sizes that may not be on display in sports shops. So ask to see them as well. Consider also the size of your space. Cross trainers require plenty of room space.

In addition, make certain to choose a model that will conveniently suit different types of body styles, that is if they’ll be several users at home. It’s worth visiting numerous stores in order to find that perfect brand and model of cross trainer bike that’ll suit all your needs. Consider also the cost of delivering the bulky machine to your home. It’s cheaper if it can be home-delivered. Once you’ve short-listed the best model of the elliptical trainer to buy, look online for best deals.

Cross Trainer Features to Look For

Programs – To help keep you motivated and your training exercises interesting ensure it has a number of different programs that you can use. A plethora of programs can go a long way in adding some variety to your exercises daily. Thus, ensure it has a handful of them installed.

Resistance levels – When purchasing a cross trainer, your end-goal is to grow with it as your fitness increases each day. But it won’t serve your purpose if its resistance levels do not cover a wide range. Ensure that it comes with resistance levels that are higher as well, at least to make you struggle achieve your exercising goals.

Controls – Look out for this as well. Check that they’re easy to use and understand.

Weight – Some have limits to how much weight can be placed on them. So check the required user weight of the bike first. The maximum weight, on most, is 90kgs to 100kgs (198lbs to 220lbs). If you’re on the heavy side, get one with a higher maximum weight.

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